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Photography has always been one of those “dreams” in my life. I started with black and white film and editing in a dark room in high school.  I would spend hours locked in the dark room playing with dodging and burning techniques and experimenting with the manipulations of photos, I found this to be my escape, and something that I fully enjoyed. Many memories in this dark room with my high school friends and my little sister and we were able to explore and find the true meaning of creating art in the dark room.

When I was in college photography was not my priority. I never saw myself turning my love for my 35mm SLR canon into anything more than a hobby. I spent hundreds of dollars a month on developing and buying film so I could photograph my daughter. I told my husband that when we moved and bought a home there would be a room devoted to a dark room, and that I would “never” give into the digital world of photography. Well, the move happened, the dark room didn’t, and I finally made the transition to the digital world. 🙂

When I stopped teaching to be at home with my own kids and homeschool my children is when my dream started transitioning into a reality. I never thought I could go this far, and I have all of you to thank for that. So many of you have stood by my side as I used your children as my subjects, and have sat and listened to my crazy ideas. I thank you all for your patience as I continue to learn and grow daily and I thank you for living this dream with me!

It is such a blessing to be home with my four children and to be able to give a gift that I love so much to so many families. My dream has evolved. Now my dream includes you. I want to not only go out and take pictures, but I want these pictures to evoke emotions. I dream that this art work will be on your wall, and that we turn your moments into memories!

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Samantha - October 1, 2016 - 9:55 pm

I’m looking to get family photos done, hopefully before the holidays. My good friend Tarrah Larson gave me your info. What are your availability and pricing? There’s four of us, looking to be near a nice pond, or lake of some sort, nice oak trees around, something of that nature.

Thank you,

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