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Thank you to my amazing clients! Without you, I wouldn’t be following this dream! My clients become so much more than clients and I feel so blessed to have found some amazing friends in this journey. I have watched bellies turn to babies and now into crazy little toddlers. I am so thankful for all these amazing clients and truely feel that even though you thank me I am the one who should be thanking you!

“I learned a while a go the memories that pictures provide are
priceless!! With my husband serving in the military it isn’t unusually
to go weeks or months without seeing him. To have a tangible item to
hold in your hand to look back at or a large canvas that sits above my
bed the illustrates the love we have, keeps me together while he is
away.  And while almost any photo of my spouse could probably keep me
content, the work that is completed by Brandie is nothing short of
amazing.  We are a very young family, with a two year old.  Family
photos were much simpler when we were just a couple.  But Brandie has
this ability, this skill, to just patiently wait for the picture to
come to her.  There is no forced poses nor straining stances.  You
simply just be who you are as a family, as a couple, and as an
individual and she captures the perfect moment.  And as if that isn’t
enough, when she is done with the finished product, I am always amazed
how she makes our ordinary family look model-esque. I have never been
disappointed with her work nor with our interactions.  She is always
so bright and cheerful, ready to take on the challenge of capturing
that for-mentioned memory.  I have tried many photographers near and
far. I have tried the studio set ups. I have even tried my own hand at
it.  But honestly, the pictures that she produces are breathtaking,
stunning, and priceless.  When my husband was away, right after our
son had just started talking, Westyn reached out to a family picture
by Brandie and touched it and said “dada” and gave it a hug and a
kiss.  To think that my son has a physical product he can love on
while daddy is away just fills my heart.  And not only is she amazing
at what she does, she is well priced.  You typically get what you pay
for, and honesty, Brandie should be charging way more than she does
for what she does.  Because she is much more capable and amazing than
many of those photographers out there charging double of what she
does.  If you are in need of a photographer I would definitely book
her immediately!!!” ~Leota

Brandie was such a great person to work with for my newborn’s first pictures! She was professional and had the patience one needs with kids (comes natural from the 4 kids she has :)) I was able to sit back and relax, while she worked her creative skills and was blown away on how they all turned out! Definitely would recommend and I look forward to having Brandie capture my girls grow throughout the years! ~Heidi



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