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Life as a Homeschooler

I am asked numerous times a day, “what do you do?” This is always a stubbled upon question for me because honestly where do I start to answer this question. 🙂 Those that follow me know that I am a photographer but I don’t wear a band that tells this, and it isn’t usually my first response to the question. My heart is at home with these four amazing kiddos, raising them, teaching them, and playing with them. So, I figured, why not share that part of my life. I want to share and show others what I do.
Photography is a gift I have been given so why not use it as a gift to my children. I hope to start blogging more about our days and our lessons and hopefully reach to others that are homeschooling and join forces, share stories and share lessons.

This is a snipit of what our days look like. My oldest is working diligently on her math as her younger siblings take turns with their learning of letters. For my younger kiddos sensory and play is all they are concentrating on right now. The more my five year old touches, explores and manipulates that more he begins to understand and learn his letters. K- is three and wakes up daily asking me, “what’s for school today, mommy?” I love this I love her love for learning. I hope that she continues with this and that I can keep feeding her little mind as long as she lets me.

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