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    Hi! I am Brandie, the one behind the lens. You can usually find me torturing one of my four kiddos or lost behind my camera lens! I look forward to capturing your journey, and capturing the moment you are in and transforming those moments into memories!

Bubble Sensory Bin–Bubble Trouble

I absolutely LOVE the idea of Sensory Bins for my two littlest, well even my bigs are drawn to these fun bins. I love searching and adapting and creating these bins for exploration, learning, and fine motor skills. Lately my biggest of bigs has been into bubbles, and she has been showing the littles how to blow bubbles through your hands when you are at the sink. I decided a bubble sensory bin would be a blast. We took a couple tablespoons of dish detergent and a small amount of water and began the mixing. The littles enjoyed watching the foam fill up in the mixer. We even added some color to the bubbles.ย  Sensory Bins, Bubble sensory bin, Tot School, Homeschooling, Port Charlotte Florida Photographer

We added letters that K had been having trouble identifying and added in spoons and other items for them to dig and play with. K was so excited to find the letters and un burry them to see what letter it was.

As the “mess” grew outside of the bin there was even bubble skating and dancing going on.

All was fun and games until little guy got it in his eyes. ๐Ÿ™ This was not a thought through process on my end and I felt horrible. He is definitely too young for these bubbles, and his poor eyes were red all day. However, I won’t stop with my bubble sensory bins I am hoping that maybe using a kid friendly soap next time, and even just using the suds from bubbles will be better. So, keep watching for a new way to have bubbles in a sensory bin. If you have older kiddos have fun with this, but those little guys probably not the best idea. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Thankful Thursday

My thankful Thursday post today was easy. I awoke this morning to my beautiful babies crawling and squirming around me as I balanced my still full cup of coffee from spilling. Mornings are not my forte, so until my cup of coffee is at least full I usually don’t hit the ground running. So, for that reason I am actually thankful for technology. ๐Ÿ™‚ My kids crawl in bed with me snuggle and love on me until I tell them to play games on the phone. I then get to sit quietly with my cup of coffee and enjoy their early morning giggles while they play games at the end of my bed.

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Friends with your Local Library?

I’m curious, are your friends with your local library? As a homeschooling mama I must say this is one of my most favorite days of the week. I love going to the library. We moved here from a small town in Colorado and during the winter months sometimes this was our only outing. Now, here in this “big city” we still made sure to make the library a frequented trip.
Last week I brought my camera along and thought I would capture some of the many reasons I love our library. There are actually three libraries in the Charlotte area, but we have found our favorite to be mid-county library. ย My kidlets are finding a whole new level of love for learning in this library. I am seeing their independence florish as they walk the isles trying to find a new book, or as baby boy climbs the table to find another puzzle to complete, and as my little girl finds her independence and sits through storytime all by herself!

My kids get lost in this library, I was doing puzzles with the babies waiting for storytime to begin when I realized I hadn’t seen my oldest for a while. Off I went looking to find her diligently reading up on the “art of gymnastics” her new found love. ๐Ÿ™‚

J man found himself a ton of sports book and was so entertained by reading these stories he didn’t even realize that he missed story time.

The two babies will play with the table top games and puzzle all day. I love watching their little minds work and explore with these new “toys”.

K heads off to her class… for a couple weeks they let me sit with her and baby while we quietly listened and watched her participate. Being new to town and not knowing anyone this was a comfort for her and probably more so me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, a couple weeks ago they kicked me out ๐Ÿ˜‰ they let me know that mommys wait in the library and she would come out when class was over. Thankfully we met a nice little girl at the park that happens to be there and she joined in easily. The first week I would quietly check in on her and make sure I was by the door when class was over. Now, I find myself lost with baby exploring and spending some good time with him while she is enjoying her big girl class.

This little guy gets his mama’s attention for once all to himself. ๐Ÿ™‚

And the joy of watching this smily little face come running out of her class is awesome. She feels so big and so proud to have finished her craft with her friends.

So, if you haven’t become friends with your local library I highly suggest it. I can’t believe how much my kids are learning to love learning just by being in this type of atmosphere!

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Water Circus Adventures

We had the opportunity to take our kiddos to the “water circus” this weekend. Three of our four kids are taking gymnastics so we thought this would be a fun opportunity for the kids to see some “gymnastic” type moves in a fun environment. The show lasted for approx 90 minutes and help our kiddos “captive” the entire time. I was amazed at how much they actually enjoyed and watched.
I enjoyed snapping pictures so I thought I would share them.

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Thankful Thursday

Today as I was sitting watching my babies grow before my eyes, I was so thankful. So thankful for having my every morning with my four beautiful kids. Thankful that I get to see them grow and learn daily. And today thankful that I get to watch the amazement as the trash truck drives down the road. My boys LOVE the trash trucks they even will run out to say hi. Not only do we just have one trash truck that drives down the road but we have three. So, Thursday mornings are spent running back and forth to the window to watch the wonderment of the trash pick up.

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