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    Hi! I am Brandie, the one behind the lens. You can usually find me torturing one of my four kiddos or lost behind my camera lens! I look forward to capturing your journey, and capturing the moment you are in and transforming those moments into memories!

Final Days of our Adventure

The final day(s) of our adventure were pretty uneventful. I was actually very happy with uneventuful, its not as much fun to blog about, but it sure did keep us happy on the road. Our overall trip we had 3 flat tires, once incident of running out of gas, a full power outage in a town so we had to wait to get gas, a broken window, and a case of the bed bugs, but boy do we have stories to tell and we enjoyed our journey!

This last part of our trip was “quick”. We didn’t site see we just cruised as we were all pretty antsy and ready to be in Florida.

We had gotten up and rolling pretty early and had forgotten all about our map. So when we stopped for dinner in Mississippi we showed the kiddos where we had been that day, and where we were headed.ย  We had pulled off the nearest highway exit once we entered Mississippi looking for food. If you have traveled the roads from Louisiana into Mississippi it is really an incredible drive. I wish I had taken more than just cell phone pictures, but it is miles and miles of swamps and wetlands. Kynnlie was in awe of all the water that we were driving over, it was such a neat part of the country. But because of this there really wasn’t anywhere to stop and we were all pretty hungry so once we finally hit an exit we just hoped there would be somewhere to land for food.
We found a little dive off the beaten path of our route and I was pleasantly surprised. The food was really good, and we even treated the kiddos to blue bell milk shakes for the road. ๐Ÿ™‚ As we pulled into Alabama it was getting late and I didn’t want to wake kids for the picture. So, poor little Kynnlie was half awake so her and daddy stood in for me.ย  And finally we found the state line of Florida! Late night but we made it and from the state line had about an 8 hour trip in the next day.

Thank you for following us on our road trip and I know this journey just begins a new adventure of living in a state that Rob and I know nothing about. But, I know we have so many people out there supporting us and praying for our family that no matter where this adventure takes us we will succeed. Thank you everyone, we love you all!

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The Journey Goes On day 3/4

Our journey continues on (a week later I am finally posting days 3/4). These days in the journey we took a brief down time. We were almost half way through and decided we would chill out in Texas and hang with family and be tourist.

One of the two stops on my husbands wish list was the Alamo. We tried to get there early morning before the Texas heat but the way our crew moves with four kiddos isn’t always the quickest moving bunch. So, by the time we arrived it was Texas hot and the kids were not having it.
We were able to convince them to take a few photos and then grandpa came to the rescue with some snow cones. This bought us some time to hang out, cool down, and daddy was able to walk around and see what all the hype was about.

After the Alamo we walked San Antonio, and took a brisk walk on the river walk. I have never been to Texas and really enjoyed this down time in our travels.

While in Texas we not only got to play but lots of family time. The kiddos got to meet their newest cousin, and they also met their Great Grandpa.
Once again the day called for a quick cool down and Kynnlie’s swimming is improving! I am a proud momma and had to show off her tricks! I can’t believe how quickly she got over here fear and is now jumping into the pool on her own and swimming to the noodle when she misses it!

If you are still following the rambles of our journey thank you! I love sharing a little bit about our life and the new adventure that our family is diving into!

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Journey Continues Day 2-3

Here we are at the end of day three of this amazing journey across country with four kiddos! Traveling with four kids is really a big ordeal in itself but then traveling across the country pulling a trailer and cover the span of 7 states is huge!
Day 2/3 was a HUGE day. We had a goal in mind to cover approximately 700 miles in one day plus take a break at Carl’s Bad Caverns in the middle of it. This was one hefty goal ๐Ÿ˜‰

We began our day about 6 am and showed the kiddos that we had a huge day ahead of us but it would all be worth it! They seemed on board (well they didn’t have much of a choice either ๐Ÿ˜‰ But they were pretty excited about the new treats they had for the car and having some more money to spend at the rest areas. (Bribery never hurts a kid, right?)

We were doing great a really smooth trip into the cavern and enjoyed a picnic lunch at the top with a gorgeous view and great weather.ย  The caves were incredible. The caves final distance down is 750 feet below ground. Its pretty dark and cold but the kids were so into it. Rylie was amazed at how all these formations were created, she talked numerous times about her Pagosa friends and how much she wanted to share this trip with them.
Kynnlie found names for many of the different types of textures, we heard some called mud, flowers, poop, popcorn and snakes. ๐Ÿ™‚ The mind of a two year old is incredible!
Jackson fully enjoyed running down the paths to try to stay warm ๐Ÿ˜‰ I loved taking the kids to such a neat spot and watching all their reactions to such a different experience! Thanks Colton for taking us here, even if I questioned the quick detour ๐Ÿ˜‰


WE happily crossed the Texas border around 5:00 Friday evening and were feeling very good about the rest of the evening…ย  However, I have to give my father in law a little bit a stink over running out of gas at 9:30 that evening! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Everything was running great we stopped in for some fast food so we could stay on the road and we asked him, want to fuel up?? Nope… we are good to go! So off we go and 10 miles to the next exit we see the flashers… BUMMER!!! I can’t let him get off that easy so I had to give him grief it ended up being a long drawn out process and three hours later we were back on the road and mentally and physically exhausted! So, needless to say our big idea of getting all the way into San Antonio didn’t quiet happen, but that’s ok! I am so thankful that these little speedbumps haven’t been too much but a time sucker and a little thorne. We have crossed half way into our journey and are really enjoying our time together. We have played lots of games and had lots of laughs so even though we come to some “detours” in the journey I know there is a reason why. I know that I am learning to be patient, and try to let go of being the “wagon commander” and just enjoy this whole process.
Tomorrow we will have a chill day and not much traveling will be noted, but I will be back on Monday to report our next stage! Only a couple more days in this traveling adventure and then we begin to learn life in Florida!

We love you all and again can’t thank you enough for all the support!

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Ashleigh - July 28, 2013 - 2:36 pm

Beautiful Brandie! I’m so glad you made the quick little detour. That’s a part of the travel the kids will remember. It’s not always about getting from a to b the fastest way possible. Sometimes the journey is in the stops. Love ya!

The Big Changes are Here

Remember months ago I wrote a personal blog about our family and our big life changes, if you didn’t happen to read that post please feel free to read about it here.
So numerous months have passed and we can only be so prepared, but the day has arrived. One of my promises to family was that I would try to blog nightly through this journey across country so everyone could “see” the travels and know how we were doing.
The morning started with our daily map talk ๐Ÿ™‚ We want to show the kids where we are at and what state we are driving to and kind of help them visually along the way with the move. We have created lots of stops during this trip to hopefully break up the driving.

So, today was a pretty uneventful day, well except for getting a flat tire on the trailer and my poor father in law had to change it himself with two kids. He happened to get the flat in the only “no service” area and we didn’t see them break down. ๐Ÿ™ So, besides that we got back on the road and headed south into Albuquerque, New Mexico. We had about an eight hour travel day ahead of us and needless to say I was already antsy. I knew that my Dad would be waiting for us and I couldn’t wait to receive that hug, and so my “pushyness” has already earned me the well deserved title of the “wagon commander” (and this title is said with the whipping action in the wrist.:) I guess I will wear the title proudly and keep us moving along ๐Ÿ˜‰

We were pretty excited to see New Mexico and woke up two sleeping kiddos for this picture! After crossing the border of new mexico is when it hit me. Reality sank in as I was talking with a girl friend and I realized that crossing this border meant we were really going. We were really jumping into this adventure and taking our family across the states to see what God has in store for us. I stared out the windows hiding the tears behind my glasses and watched the huge rock creations slowly fade into the distance. I know we are doing everything for our family that we can do, and I look forward as we drive on in this journey and know that we will only grow stronger.

Once we hit our final destination for the evening we found we had four very hyped up kiddos and there was no way dinner was going to be anywhere but at the pool. The kids had a great time showing off tricks (daddy joined them on the showing off:)) and swimming until their eyes were blood shot and they were ready for bed.

So, the end of day one and I hear snoring in the background so I have faith that we will all be well rested and ready for day two in this journey. I can’t thank you all enough for your love, support, words of advice, and prayers through this amazing adventure. This week is the driving part but I know the real adventure is waiting for us and we know we have an amazing support system behind us through it all.

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Ashleigh - July 26, 2013 - 4:44 am

Miss you already!

Classic Country Wedding

Weddings have really began to be one of my favorite “subjects” to photograph. I thoroughly enjoy the chaos, the rush, and the emotion. This wedding was no different. The chaos was at full speed since three of my four kiddos were in the wedding I found myself multi tasking through the day.
Jamie and Ryan mentioned they wanted a classic, elegant country wedding and as it all fell together we truly did have a gorgeous wedding! I was so honored to be apart of this weekend and watch as my sister in law marry a wonderful man. Ryan, welcome to the family and thank you for being the great guy you are!
Love you guys!

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