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Thankful Thursday

My thankful Thursday this week is Daylight Savings. I know I am behind and this happened two weeks ago, but last week was spring break and we honestly didn’t adjust to the time change until this week, lol. Last week we slept in, played on the beach and most of the days didn’t know time and didn’t care. Now, back in the groove of actually working and having to go to bed to get up for school I am loving the time change. Tonight after dinner instead of curling up on the coach and watching “Family Game Night,” we opted for a bike ride and then another 30 minutes of just playing in the road. It was wonderful. I am so Thankful that we have that extra hour after dinner to play. I am thankful that my kids love riding their bikes and playing outside, I am thankful that we have this amazing weather that allows for our crazy naked kid, and our outside loving babies to enjoy the days and evenings. 🙂

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